Here below we have given you an in depth review of Slotland Casino as Slotland uses there own software (Proprietary)

Play Slots on your Mobile Phone at Slotland


Play Slots Now on your Mobile PhoneSlotland casino have been in business since 1998 which is quite an achievement considering the amount of other online casinos which have come and gone during this time!. Slotland really does offer you a unique online slots experience that will not be forgotten.

The beauty with these guys is that they use there own software ( Proprietary) which means you don't have to worry about downloading any software, therefore you can be playing in a matter of minutes on your Mobile Phone anywhere any time!! Now if you are very familiar with a few of the online casinos out there, you will find that many of them feature the same slot games as each other. A at Slotland casino the games are totally different because you wont find these slot games anywhere else. This in turn makes playing at this amazing online casino a very unique and thrilling online gaming adventure...

Slotland has a good selection of mobile slots with each one having a deferent bonus feature. Booster which is just one of the slot games here, has a bonus where you can boost your bet up to TEN times and has a bank feature where you can win back your losses. Now how is s that for pleasure gaming?

An exciting slot game e is Lucky Strike, which offers you a free spin bonus where all your wins are multiplied by 10!! The games at Slotland are wonderful & fun to play, they also offer a payout percentages as high as 98%!

Every game at Slotland are progressives. What's neat about this is that they are all connected to the one progressive jackpot, so you can strike it lucky by playing any one of the slot games. The Jackpot starts at a whopping $50,000 and has gone right to $150,000. Just keep it in mind that if you want to hit the big one, you have to play max bet!!

- All the slot games below are played at Slotland casino -

Lucky Stars, if you want to strike it LUCKY then come and play here!!!This brilliant yet thrilling slot game is one of the newer mobile games to hit Slotland casino. It goes by the name of Lucky Stars. The game is available exclusively at Slotland and it requires no download to start playing. All you have to do is simply load up the game like any other web page and you are ready to go. This wonderful slot is a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot which is based on the Zodiac.

The to Lucky StarsSlot is amazing. You are taken through a specially produced intro movie of the game with mystical music & Manga based caricatures. The whole point of this intro is for you to establish the atmosphere before taking you to the actual game, it truly is a wonderful game to see!! It has some of the most uniquely designed symbols I've ever seen and smooth animations. Lucky stars video slot has a lot to offer you before you even start to playing. Keep your eyes out for the Glowing Sphere which is the trigger for the major jackpot and a scatter symbol is also a big profit maker which could send you to the multi bonus round.

There are many free spin bonus rounds and a random hold reel bonus to be won here at Lucky Stars. After every spin you have the choice to hold the reels. This in return makes up for some tactical game play as you have to decide which symbols are the best to hold. The free spin feature is won with the star symbols. How it works is every time you get 3 anywhere on the reels you light up one of 3 stars, if you light up all 3 you get one free spin.

Lucky Stars slots can be played at Slotland Casino Below:

Mobile Mania - Welcome bonus: New players at Slotland receive a $100 bonus on their first deposit of $100. Simply click on the flashing banner »»»»

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Golden eight slots is the place to be if you looking for some real fun!!Golden 8 slot is yet another 9 Reel, 8 paylin video slot. Every payline has the option to be played for $0.5 to $1.5 and max bets that are played up to $12 per spin. Now as we mentioned - all the slot games at Slotland casino all share the progressive jackpot which is continually rising at an alarming rate sometimes more than $100,000. What's brilliant about this is that this jackpot can be won on your mobile phone!! Keep in mind that the more pay lines the more winning combinations. With Golden 8 slots being a progressive, we would strongly recommend that you play max bet on the paylines you play. You do not have to make the max bet just play all 8 lines. In order to win the progressive jackpot you need to get 3 of the "Bar" symbols on any of your pay lines.

Golden 8 slot has a wonderful bonus spin round, every time you get 3 or more diamonds on that particular spin of yours, 1 diamond symbol is then highlighted. Once all 6 of your diamond symbols are highlighted you are then entitled to one free bonus spin. Your free spins may not all the time give you a win, but the spins that do win can be quite large. Now here's when it becomes abit tricky because your amount that you win will be based on the amount bet on your last spin. This is where strategy plays a big role.

Golden 8 slots can be played at Slotland Casino Below:

Mobile Mania - Welcome bonus: New players at Slotland receive a $100 bonus on their first deposit of $100. Simply click on the flashing banner »»»»

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Treasure, Treasure, Treasure.... Come see for yourself.Treasure Box slot is a 12 reel, 4 payline slot machine. Just like all the slot games at Slotland casino they are all different, therefore Treasure Box is somewhat different in that on your first spin only the bottom reel spins. Thereafter you can choose to hold any of the symbols on the bottom reel, the symbols then show up vertically on the other 3 reels. When you re-spin again only the reels that were not put on hold will then spin. Treasure Box slot is also a progressive, therefore once again in order to hit the big one you have to be playing max bet on every play... To hit the jackpot you need to get 3 of the Wild symbols on any of the paylines.

Treasure Box slot is a must see because it is stacked with so many wonderful features and not to mention its brilliant bonus feature!. There are some really great jackpot to be won here. So don't delay why not come and play today!!!

Treasure Box slot can be played at Slotland Casino Below:

Mobile Mania - Welcome bonus: New players at Slotland receive a $100 bonus on their first deposit of $100. Simply click on the flashing banner »»»»

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Theirs no time to spare, come and play here at Booster slots - You missing out on the fun..Booster slot is a 3 wheel, single payline video slot with some really amazing and exciting features. The first feature is where Booster really stands out from the crowd. In order to hit the progressive ( Yes Booster slots is a progressive) jackpot you have to hit 3 wild boost symbols and to have max bet of $5 every spin to qualify. It does seem like quite an expensive progressive to be playing but the big twist is that you can bet just 50 cents a spin and still have access to the progressive jackpot!!!

The second feature is everytime you see the 'Boost' symbol appear on your screen. The boost feature is triggered every time a wild symbol is going to appear on the reels, the game is then stopped and you have the option of selecting either to keep the current bet placed or you can boost your bet by a staggering 10 times... Take note that every bet which does not win is then added to the Special Fund. All these funds which get accumulated during the game can be cashed out at anytime for 10% of its value, or you could simply choose to try to recover all of your bets during a special win or lose spin.

Booster slot can be played at Slotland Casino Below:

Mobile Mania - Welcome bonus: New players at Slotland receive a $100 bonus on their first deposit of $100. Simply click on the flashing banner »»»»

You feel like boosting up your wallet with some fine CASH..?? Then come and play here!!