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A casino software company doesn’t have to be in business for over a decade to be considered a success in this industry. To be honest, there has been an influx of companies who have released games in the last 5 years that are impressive, and that is likely coming from a fresh take on the business of development. As older companies continue to make copies of current titles, those like Endorphina are taking other factors into consideration when preparing a game for the market. Let’s look at this newer entrant in the market and some of its more popular games.

A Brief History of Endorphina

Whereas the majority of slots companies tend to center around Sweden for some reason, Endorphina is based in the Czech Republic. There are some incredible software developers form that area of the world, so it is great to see a team come together to make a splash in the online gambling world.

Endorphina launched in 2012, and are a slots development company. They do not currently offer any Table games, so they are best used as a complementary product for an already existing or newly launching online casino. The company prides itself on the math behind the slots, and they promote this fact on the website. We aren’t sure who will find that too appealing, but the company seems keen to let you know.

Endorphina makes slot machines that are available for play with real money and also with Bitcoin. Entry into the crypto gaming market sets the company apart from many of its competitors who have preferred to remain in the traditional area of the business. From a distribution standpoint, the company has chosen the prudent method of partnering with several firms who will resell their product. The Endorphina games can be found under the umbrellas of Bet Construct, Soft Swiss, iSoftBet and others.

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Top Three Endorphina Slots Games

Satoshi’s Secret

This game’s theme is all around Bitcoin, and a “Matrix”-style underworld which shows you the 1s and 0s of the crypto industry. This is an interesting theme, and when the company tells us that it is the first Bitcoin slot, we aren’t entirely sure if they mean the first with that as a theme or the first that accepts Bitcoin for play. Regardless, we like the look and feel of this game, and it certainly sticks out from the traditional fruit and symbol games in the market. The game is a 6 reel, 20 pay line game in which you are a hacker trying to get into the financial markets. There are bonus games that involve investing in the markets, and overall this is a very interactive game that makes it popular with the IT crowd.


With symbols like vinyl records, typewriters, and analog cameras, this slot machine could double as a history lesson for many millennials out there! The look and feel of this game are very 60s-inspired, but the gameplay is very much of the here an now! This is a 5 reel, 9 pay line machine, so there too many play lines that you might lose track. There is a bonus symbol ( a star), and when 3 are revealed, that triggers the bonus game. This is a great bonus game, it works almost like an old board game which rewards you for traveling around a board until you “roll” a Stop sign. We think this is a game that players young and old will like, and it already has us starting to dig out our old records!


We assume that Jetsetter is one of the most popular of the Endophina titles because of the aspirational side of the gamblers’ minds. From a graphics perspective, it hits all the marks with symbols representing wealth. The game itself isn’t the most exciting to play, but the lines are clean and the 5 reel, 20 pay line game does have some fun symbols like bills that are ripped in half but when matching halves are next to each other, they reform, and you are paid whatever the denomination is on the note.

Mobile Compatibility

With games built in Flash and HTML5, the lineup at Endorphina is completely compatible with mobile devices. This is important as the company has partnered with many resellers who need to integrate multiple software into one offering. Having all the games available in an on-download format assures that Endorphina’s games are included in these reseller’s platforms without issue.


For a company that has only been around for a few years, it is impressive to see what Endorphina has accomplished. To take its brand to the next level, we think that the developers should stay on track with regards to the quality of the graphics, while creatively there should be some discussion about adding some themes that are more common in the online casino space. Being unique is excellent, but the average player still gravitates to themes and symbols that they recognize, so having a few in the library wouldn’t hurt.