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The mobile device market is a very divided group. Although the features are typically one or two cycles behind their competitors, all of the Apple products, including their iPhone line, are beautifully designed, and that seems to be enough to convince many people to choose it as their phone of choice. Now, the market is still dominated by non-iPhone devices, mainly due to cost, but this who have an iPhone swear by them and find it almost impossible to switch.

So what does this tell us about iPhone users? Well, it tells us that they are loyal for sure; just talk to an iPhone owner about their pride and joy. We can also ascertain that the iPhone owner may fall into a higher tax bracket, which has its advantages for the gaming world.

The question is: what can Casino Sites do to attract iPhone users, and what can these players expect from the sites they choose to gamble at? Let’s break down the iPhone Casino Sites in more detail.

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HTML vs Native App

The app world has taken over our lives. These native programs that are downloaded to your device allow us to have a mobile-designed experience. This is valuable to the casino world, as the graphics packages for many Table Games and slots would be better served by being stored locally.

However, the gambling world hits a snag when it comes to these native apps. All of the apps have to be approved by the Apple App Store, and this includes a full review of what the app is designed to do. As you can imagine, Apple is strict when it comes to gambling apps. For the longest time they wouldn’t approve any casino apps, but today they are more lenient, and they will allow apps to be available for download in countries where online gambling is not illegal.

To combat this, most online casinos build their games in HTML5, which allows them to be played in the mobile browsers found on the iPhone. When accessing a site from Safari, the folks at Apple cannot restrict the games from being played aside from ring-fencing them by geography. The good news for iPhone casino players is that between the browser sites and app options, essentially every casino game is available on the device.

How to find the right iPhone Casino Site:

There are many factors we take into consideration when we review the casinos for our site. This includes many mobile-specific criteria including the following:

Does the casino have an app?

Again, this really only pertains to players who are trying to play iPhone casinos in a country where these apps are available. For us, finding a casino with an app is far more beneficial to the overall levels of player satisfaction, however generally in most regions you’ll need to use the mobile compatible browser version of the casino.  These are available on all iPhone devices including iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8 and X.

What offers does the casino have for iPhone players?

While most casinos have the same offers across all their delivery platforms, some sites will push to have their players access their games from a mobile device, which means you might find promotions specific to playing on your iPhone. A quick scan of a casino promotion page or our review pages should give you a good sense of what is out there.

Does the iPhone Casino have all the same games as the PC version?

While mobile gaming has been around for well over a decade, there are still some software providers who have not yet completed all the formatting to display their games properly on a mobile device. As a result, you may have a favorite casino site that you play from your PC, only to find some of your favorite games or slots not available on the mobile version. This is something to bear in mind when making the decision to choose a new casino for your iPhone rather than continuing with one of your current accounts.

The future of iPhone Casinos

It’s safe to say that neither the iPhone or online casino gambling are going to fall out of favor anytime soon. If you are a loyal user of the device, the good news for you is that the quality of the online casino apps continues to improve, as do the devices themselves. With a little bit of research and patience, you can find the perfect casino for your gaming and iPhone needs.