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As the mobile revolution began in the early 2000s, we were all just thrilled to be able to get text messages and emails sent to our telephones. Then, as the technology started to improve and the devices started to expand their screen sizes, we started to find that we could let go of our computers for long stretches of time.

By the mid-2000s, we were able to go on the Internet right from our devices. This gave companies an idea: rather than have you face a website that may not be particularly responsive, they could build an app that could be downloaded to an individual device, providing only the necessary functions.

The online casino world was primed to be part of the app revolution. The only issue was that in many countries, online gambling was illegal or had no laws governing it. This gave mobile platform operators like Apple and Google cold feet, so it took some time to finally get approval for these apps even in countries where online gambling was legal.

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Questions About Casino Apps

What is an online casino mobile app?

As mentioned above, an online casino app is a program that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, which offers you real money casino gambling without having to go into a browser. There are currently apps available for casino games, sports betting, bingo, and poker, along with many other games that are not traditional gambling games.  Most of the casino apps in existence today are heavily geared towards mobile online slots since they are the most popular games played.

Why download an app when I can play from the browser?

Well, the most obvious reason to download a casino app is convenience. With the app on your phone, you do not need to go to your browser and navigate to the website. The app will have a login page that will allow you to enter your credentials and access your balance as well as the casino’s stable of games.

Another reason that players prefer an online casino app over browser-based gaming is the quality of the games themselves. As the download will contain the majority of the casino game graphics, the packages of information that have to be transmitted are limited to the game play itself. While these days the difference in speed and quality may be negligible to the average user, the advanced gambler won’t want there to be any lag time during a spin or a hand.

What to look for in an online casino app?

Now that you know what these apps are all about, we should tell you what you should be looking for when choosing an app. Of course, this is all predicated on your ability to access gambling apps from your country of residence. You’ll be able to tell right away when you browse for games in your App Store. If you see some casinos there, then you can mow to the next step.

Does the casino have a full suite of games?

Before making a deposit, you want to download the app and see what games are offered. Some companies do not offer a full suite of games in their app. This can be by choice or due to the fact that some games don’t translate well to mobile formats. You can simply uninstall the app if it doesn’t have all the games you are looking for.

Casino App bonuses

Like any casino, the one you choose to download should have some offers that match your gambling style and needs. In some cases, a site will reward you just for having the app on your phone. With push notifications, a casino can send you time-sensitive offers directly to your phone that other players may not receive. Read our reviews for a comprehensive overview of these promotions to see what works for you.