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Ever since Bill Gates started the Microsoft company in the early days of personal computing, the operating system of Windows has dominated the industry. Most personal computers have been running on the platform ever since, so it is no surprise that all software companies that wanted to be successful had to ensure they ran well on the system.

The online casino industry has relied heavily on Windows for its success. Given the fact that the games first started as pieces of software that players needed to download to their machines, compatibility with the operating system was a must. Windows was so far and away the leader in the space that it was several years after initial development that many software companies even considered creating a Mac-friendly download of their games for iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices.

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What to look for in a Windows Casino

Given that the majority of online casinos are going to work on your Windows PC, you will need to look more closely at what each individual casino offers. Here are some items that are always on our checklist:

Number of Games offered

This is the most important consideration for us as reviewers and also as players. With so many casinos to choose from, you may as well find the one that offers the best selection of games for your type of play. Many casinos will say they offer hundreds of games, when in fact the majority are slots titles. If you are Table Games player, then you want to find a place that has several variants of each of the games, giving you the most variety.

Casino Bonuses

Just as important as the games being offered by an online casino are the promotions that are given to players. Now, since Windows is the most widely used operating system, you aren’t going to find any promotions specifically for players on the system. However, there are still important factors to take into consideration. This includes the percentage of the bonus, any non-deposit bonuses, and the wagering requirements.

One issue with Windows….

It is rare to discuss any issues with the world’s foremost operating system, but when it comes to the online casino world and mobile devices, the Windows operating system is lagging behind. To be fair, there aren’t that many devices that use the operating system so you can forgive casino developers for working hard to create native apps for them. We are surprised that Windows missed the boat on the mobile side of the business. Don’t worry, if you are a Windows mobile user, you can still play your favorite casino games. However, to do so, you will need to access the sites through your device’s browser since there aren’t any native apps being developed, but browser play works on Windows 10 with the following devices:

  • Acer Phones and Tablets
  • Alcatel Fierce XL
  • Surface Pro Devices
  • 50 Cesium
  • Arp Mobile XC01Q
  • Eluma Bush
  • Cheery Alpha Prime 5
  • Coship L08
  • Moly Phones
  • Covia Breez X5
  • Diginnos
  • Freetel Katana
  • Funker
  • Geanee
  • HP
  • NEO
  • Sunty World
  • Vaio
  • Yamada

The future of Windows online Casino sites

We don’t see anything major happening to the Windows area of the online casino business in the near future. With the company’s stranglehold on the pc world, we know that you are likely going to have to use that operating system to play your favorite casino games. Where we would keep a close eye on on the mobile side of the business. As PCs make way for tablets and phones, so don’t be surprised with Microsoft adds additional resources into mobile development or ends up purchasing another provider in the space. Either way, without Windows we wouldn’t have the online casino industry we all love so much!