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10 years ago, the iPhone changed the way we communicate. Most importantly, our access to the Internet was no longer dependent on our PCs. This was a game changer in the online casino industry as well, with companies scrambling to convert games to be able to fit the size of the phone screens.

However, it quickly became evident that for many, the iPhone screen was too small for the purposes of games and videos. Enter the iPad: a device with all the same functionality but a screen much closer in size to a laptop.

With this change, you can now play all your favorite games on your iPad. This page will give you some insight on why you would want to choose an iPad Casino and what we look for when we are picking casinos to recommend to you.

Recommended iPad Online Casino Sites

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Why play casino games on an iPad?


The first and most obvious answer to this question is convenience. By playing your games on a mobile device, you can now access your casino from anywhere you have an internet connection. This means that even on the go, you can entertain yourself with some slots and table games. Not only that but assuming you are living in a country where online gambling is not forbidden, you could take your iPad to a land-based casino so you can double up on the excitement!

Touch screen

Rather than having to use a mouse to seal cards or spin the reels, on an iPad Casino you can take advantage of the touch screen controls. This gives you a feeling that is much similar to playing the slots in a land-based casino and being able to drag and drop your chips at a blackjack table also gives you a different experience than clicking the mouse.  These feature is generally available on all iPad-friendly casino sites and will work on iPad, Mini 4 and Pro.

Things to look for at an iPad Casino

When we review the casinos for this site, we spend a significant amount of time looking at the mobile options available. We understand that many of our readers are now looking at mobile as their initial entry point for any casino, so having a robust offering is key to receiving a recommendation from us. Here are a couple of factors we look at when reviewing iPad casinos:

Native App or Browser Based

These days, with the speed of internet connections and the processing speed of the iPad improving with every release, this may not be as important to you as it once was. However, at we tend to recommend that readers download a native app to their device wherever possible. With native apps, players are going to find better graphics packages, which will make the games seem crisper when playing them.

The biggest issue with native apps is the fact that Apple only allows these apps in countries where online gambling isn’t illegal. If you live in one of these countries (or if your casino doesn’t offer a native app), then you can play your favorite games on your iPad through the Internet browser. Browser-based games have improved considerably over the last few years, and offer players a chance to access the games in real-time in a condensed version of the website.

iPad Casino bonuses

Many online casino sites recognize that players who choose to play from their iPads may end up playing for longer periods of time, so they are starting to offer promotions that are directed specifically at this group. If you read our reviews or check the website of any casino, you will find all the offers that apply to iPad players.

Payment methods

Using your iPad for online casino games may also help you from a payment processing perspective. As you likely use your iPad for other online purchases, you can in many cases link your payment accounts directly to your casino app. This can speed up your deposit and withdrawal requests. In some cases, you can actually use your Apple ID to process payments, meaning you won’t even need to register for another online payment solution.


With the laptop and PC quickly becoming obsolete, more and more casino gamblers are turning to the iPad for their gaming choices. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of iPad casino sites that we recommend you try. We believe that the iPad casino you select from this list will provide the maximum convenience and enjoyment for your gaming dollar.