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Casino games, when broken down into their basics, are all about math. No mater what the game is, what he graphics built around the gameplay are, the game is still all about probabilities and creating the most entertainment value in a game that is inevitably going to pay the house more than the player. While many casino development companies start with a game concept and then add the math, there are a few that work in reverse, with the math leading the way. Lighning Box Games is one such company, and this company’s expansion from land-based to online to social gaming shows that its math works no matter who is the end user. We will use this page to bring you up to speed on the history of Lightning Box Games and to detail a few of the company’s best games.

A Brief History of Lightning Box Games

Lightning Box Games is a supplier that comes to us from Sydney, Australia. Right on the company’s homepage, it is only too happy to tell you that it was started by mathemeticians. Before you get worried that these nerdy types have no eye for design, it would appear that they were smart enough to bring in some excellent front-end developers to help build upon their math models.

The company was founded in 2004, and since then has been building games for the online and land-based real-money indsutries. The firm added social gaming development to their arsenal in recent years and now sports a strong portfolio of games available for licensing across the spectrum. The company says that it tries to keep players engaged with their games with changes to the math, as opposed to keeping the same math with different skins for every game.

Lightning Box also has a custom development arm, where a client can come to them with a concept for a bespoke game and have the team use its math and designers to build out the game to specifications. We aren’t sure how many clients have taken Lightning Box up on this development offer, but it is one of the few companies in the market that is willing to build games for one specific owner.

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Top Three Lightning Box Slots Games

Mild Rockers

While we aren’t entire sure what exactly a Mild Rocker is, this game is definitely music-themed, with you taking center stage. Rock music replaces the traditional background music for this game, and the game board is a unique shape as well. The 5 reel game has columns of 3-4-5-4-3 across, meaning that the 80 pay lines take on unique shapes. There is no bonus game in this machine, but it does offer wilds, Free Spins and Scatter bonuses that should keep you rocking well into a long session.


What Australian gaming company would go without some sort of kangaroo-themed game, right? Fans of the bouncy animals need not fear as Lightning Box brings you the RedRoo slot machine. This game, set in the Australain outback, features awhopping 1,024 pay lines, with a minimum bet of .40 to access the wins. While the game is wild to play in general, it gets even more exciting if you get the Red Roo on your winning pay line. This gives you the chance to win up to 27x the winning number of coins. We love the Aussie-themed slot machine and understand how it has become so popular with players.

Blazing Goddess

The Blazing Goddess slot is a more traditional slot machine featuring more standard symbols and graphics. While this game may not be flashy as some of the other titles, there is still plenty of excitement that comes from the potential of winning on one or more of the 1,024 pay lines. This 5 reel slot has a Polynesian theme, which can be seen in the symbols on the game board. There are some interesting 3D graphics when you uncover the wild and scatter symbols, but aside from that this is a reliable game with the standard gameplay that most slots players know and love.

Mobile Compatibility

Lightning Box Games understands the importance of having its games be optimized for mobile devices. The games are built without the need for a downloadable piece of software, which makes it much easier to access them on phones and tablets. Some of the titles have converted better than others, but the company is determined to improve the overall player experience by continuing to improve its mobile offering.


While the folks at Lightning Box Games may have come from the world of mathematics, it is evident that they still want to bring excellent quality graphics and gameplay to its customers. There aren’t the same number of titles in the catalog as many of its competitors, but the fact that Lightning Box has been able to repurpose many of its games for online, mobile, land-based and social gaming use is a testament to the leadership in that organization. We really like what we see from these Australians and hope they continue to have great success!