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In the highly competitive world of online casino software suppliers, how does a company make its mark without any real information about its history to be found? Well, in the case of iSoftBet, it does not appear to have an effect on the growth of this niche development company. We have scoured the internet for as much information as we could find on this little company and we present it to you here. We also have taken a look at their product suite and have provided a short list of some of the more popular titles.

A Brief History of iSoftBet

Well, this may be the briefest of any of the histories we have written. There really isn’t very much information on the background of this software developer, despite the fact that they have been around since 2010. We do know that they have offices in London and in Luxembourg (this may be the only gaming company with an office there) and that they have at least a few employees who were willing to have their pictures posted to the company website.

What the company says about themselves is about the best information we could pass along to our readers. “With our vast experience and enthralling portfolio, we’re proud to be at the vanguard of game innovation.” So, it is safe to say they are very confident about the product line that they offer. Slots make up the majority of the catalog, although the company does offer some table games to complement their slots titles.

iSoftBet has developed more than just real-money games, and these pivots in the company focus have started new revenue streams in recent years. First, they have re-worked many of their popular slots games to be compatible with social gaming. This means that players can access some of the iSoftBet catalog on Facebook where each slot machine can be played for entertainment purposes only. Also, the company built what they call the Game Aggregation platform, which is a back-end solution that has been built to work across over 25 different software partners (the full list can be found on their website). This is a brilliant move by the company because it allows them to license a back-end system to an operator who wants to manage multiple platforms while guaranteeing their games are in the mix.

While you will find iSoftBet games in a multitude of casino operations, they may be harder to spot. Your best bet is to read some of our reviews to see which casinos use the software as a shortcut to finding these games.

Recommended iSoft Bet Casino Sites

Top Three iSoftBet Slots Games

The Love Guru

While the movie that was released in 2008 was considered a flop, it has taken on a bit of cult status in different countries, and the characters live on in this 5 reel, 30 pay line slot machine from iSoftBet. The gameplay in this machine is standard for slot machines, and you can win up to 1,000 coins in a single spin. The symbols include a picture of almost all the characters in the film, although strangely the main character (played by Mike Myers) is absent – perhaps his agent refused to allow him to be a part of the machine. Whatever the case, this is a good machine and shows what the casino can do with a branded partnership.

Heavy Metal Warriors

With all the success over the years of female warrior figures like Wonder Woman and Xena the Warrior Princess, there is no surprise to find a series of games featuring Amazon-like warriors in it. This game features music that we suppose could be considered “Heavy Metal” (at least its better than the typical slot machine sound effects) and multiple symbols that are animated warrior characters. What is interesting about this machine is that it shows off the “full card” 243 pay line technology. There is no way to show this on a screen, so the game slows pauses in autoplay mode to show you where you have won, and it is a great way to make players feel like they are getting more wins, even if it just creates a slower bleed of funds.


This 5 reel, 10 pay line slot is based on the wildly popular show of the same name from the 2000s. When you open this game, you are immediately taken back to the times of Jack Bauer saving the world in 24 hours. The game backdrop is the CTU headquarters (could it hurt CTU to ever put up a piece of art in their bunker-like offices?) and the symbols have all been changed the digital clock font that made 24 so famous. This game also features the voice of Jack Bauer himself, transporting you into the show while you spin looking for the wilds and try to unlock the bonus round, which is done by getting the clock to run down to zero. Overall, this is an excellent use of the branding from the TV show.

Mobile Compatibility

On the iSoftBet website, the company clearly outlines which games have been optimized for mobile use. These games, which are entirely slots-based, are all accessible from within the browser of a mobile device. Now, it is a bit surprising that their entire catalog hasn’t been converted for mobile play. TShis must be a factor of what their clients are using the most or have requested (we suspect most customers are using their games as additional content, so they probably don’t have a use for the Table Games from this supplier.


Even though the company seems to go out of its way to stay out of the limelight, the folks at iSoftBet have put together an impressive display of games since their inception in 2010. With their slots leading the way, the innovation behind their design and graphics, along with their branded partnership deals have propelled iSoftBet to being a very popular choice for casinos in the European online gambling market. We look forward to seeing what the company does next.