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The online casino software industry is crammed full of suppliers, all fighting for their piece of the revenue coming from online players. These days, it is more important that a company finds the right distribution channels for its games than having a full suite. With the industry trending towards an operator having more than one content supplier, this is more important than ever. Genesis Gaming is a company that figured this out early, not wasting time on trying to attract new customers but instead letting its development work do the talking. Today, the company has found success, and as you will see from this page, it has come a long way in the 10 years it has been in existence.

A Brief History of Genesis Gaming

Genesis Gaming launched in 2008 in the United States, which was, of course, going through some turmoil in the wake of the UIGEA legislation of 2006. That didn’t stop the company from pushing out great slots games. The development team at Genesis Gaming is focused on the graphics and features of its slots, trying to produce some of the most detailed content you will find in the industry.

The company has found success in providing games for other suppliers. In particular, the company created a partnership to build games which would be exclusively distributed by Microgaming’s Quickfire platform, giving the company instant access to the South African vendor’s list of clients. Genesis Gaming has a similar deal in place with IGT and also has over 100 games available for direct licensing.

As the company has no Table Games, it can only really be used as additional content to an operator that has a primary vendor. That’s just fine for Genesis, as it has built their games in a way that makes them very easy to integrate into any back-office solution.

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Top Three Genesis Gaming Slots Games

Alaxe in Zombieland

What this game may lack in the way of 3D graphics, it more than makes up for with the gameplay and bonus features. This is a game with a theme stolen from the classic book Alice in Wonderland, but this has a very dark, spooky undertone to it. The game has 5 reels and 25 pay lines and features several bonus games, such as Tea Party where you have to select teapots that reveal your bonus prizes. The symbols on this game are reminiscent of the classic tale, but the dark colors and macabre around the game itself paint a very different picture than the Lewis Carroll book.

Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple is one of the most popular titles in the Genesis catalog, and it is a great example of the games that have Asian themes and are clearly being designed to bring on more Asian players. This gold and red colored game feature 5 reels and 40 paylines, along with a distinctive game board shape (the first and last reels are smaller than the middle three). There are several ways to receive Free Spins, as well as a bonus game that comes from revealing three Bonus symbols during your spin. We like the look and feel of this game, and while it is only one of many Asian themed titles from Genesis, it sets the bar very high for the others.

Attack of the Zombies

This game takes you to London, England which has come under a zombie attack. You are there to help rescue survivors all while trying to collect large sums of coins to take back to your balance. There is a creepy look to the graphics on this 5 reel game, although the characters themselves have a very campy cartoonish look to them, which means you aren’t likely to wake up with nightmares after playing the game. The brain symbol is the Wild one, so you want to have land on your game board as much as possible during your spins. A Free Spin-based Bonus game also exists, in which you are responsible for saving 4 women from being turned into zombies forever. AS zombie-themed games go, we like what Genesis Gaming has done with this title to make it appealing to a broader audience.

Mobile Compatibility

Genesis Gaming has gone above and beyond to ensure you will be able to enjoy its slots games form a mobile device. Not only are the HTML5 games available to be played from the browser of your phone or tablet, but the company has also built them so they can be included in both iOS and Android apps. You will still be at the mercy of gaming regulations when it comes to trying to download a real-money app, but the company decided it was better to have them ready for a widening audience than to play catch-up like so many other software vendors in the space.


With new offices in Canada and Europe, it is clear that Genesis Gaming is serious about sticking around in the online gaming industry. The company continues to release games for licensees as well as the bespoke games for Microgaming and IGT, and the quality of the games you will find is right at the top of the developers we have reviewed. With a mobile-first attitude to development, Genesis Gaming is poised to be a very successful vendor in the years to come.