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When employees of a company see something that they think they can improve, there are typically two paths that can be taken. First, the employee can take their ideas to the company in the hopes of having them implemented. Second, the employee can sense an opportunity to branch out, start a company focused on fixing the problem, and potentially partner with the original company in some form.

While we aren’t entirely sure of the motivation of the founders of Thunderkick Software, it is clear that they found an opportunity during their time with another company in the industry and have built a niche software company as a result. Here is an overview of Thunderkick along with a review of a few of their top games.

A Brief History of Thunder Kick Games

Thunderkick is another software company with roots that trace back to Net Entertainment our of Sweden. This company was founded by former designers from NetEnt, and their mission is right on the homepage of the Thunderkick website: “We are Thunderkick, and we make games!” Armed with the knowledge base built at the larger development shop, the founders could focus on developing games they felt were missing from the market without developing a full suite of casino games.

Timing definitely factored into the decision to launch Thunderkick when it was in 2012. By this time, most casino operators were willing to take on content from multiple providers, even if a provider only offered one or two games. Software companies, in turn, were able to focus on building a smaller number of games with a higher level of quality and design. This convergence of time and demand has been great for the industry as awhile as we have seen a huge increase in unique content across the board.

Thunderkick’s smartest business decision to date seems to be to have licensed their product to be distributed by a larger casino company….but not the one we all thought it would be. Instead, Thunderkick chose to partner with NYX Gaming, which itself has recently been acquired by Scientific Games. This will no doubt open up even more doors for the fledgling software company to have their games in the market.

You may not recognize the name of the company, but given that their slots are found in a few dozen online casinos, you are likely to recognize some of their titles.

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Top Three Thunderkick Slots Games

Turning Totems

This slot machine shows off one of the unique design elements that Thunderkick have built into their platform. Gone are the traditional reels and spinning motion of the symbols; in this game, the 5 “reels” are totems, and each of the face on the totem spins before revealing the symbol. From a gameplay perspective, the elements of a traditional slot machine are still here. The 11 pay line game features wild symbols, along with re-spins and a bonus level. The Native American theme of the game features crisp, animated graphics and sounds to go along with the interesting take on the spinning reels.

Fruit Warp

Yes, we know there are literally hundreds of fruit-themed slots games out there. However, we really like the look and feel of this game. The reels for this game are completely gone, replaced with floating fruits than are projected towards you when you hit the “Spin” button. This type of innovation is what the founders of Thunderkick feel is missing from the slots industry, with changes like this considered to be what it will take to bring a new style of gambler to space. 9 symbols are revealed and depending on how many of each fruit you reveal, you could win money, re-spins or a bonus.

Arcader Slot

With a theme of 80s-style arcade games, this slot machine will resonate with a nostalgic audience while also creating enough fun for a millennial as well. This 5 reel, 15 pay line game features graphics that come right out of the Donkey Kong era, and the digital fruit-themed game also involves the same elements that players love like sticky wilds, bonus spins, and re-spins. All told, this is a game that is one of the most popular in the catalog.

Mobile Compatibility

Being accompany that didn’t launch until 2012, Thunderkick never had to deal with the download versions of casino software. All of the games are built in HTML5, which means the graphics-rich titles are easily accessible from the browsers of most mobile devices. The games we have played show no lag whatsoever and the quality of the mobile games is just as strong as when they are played on PCs.


What Thunderkick lacks in the way of volume of titles is far overshadowed by the quality of the games in its catalog. With an eye to building top-quality slots with innovative features, Thunderkick has positioned itself very well to be an ancillary content provider to any online casino operator that is looking to expand its slots content.