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The online gambling industry is rampant with acquisitions and mergers, as the space is very crowded on both the operator and supplier sides. The question that many companies face is when do they decide to walk away from what they built and take the payout from another firm. This was the question that faced the owners of Quickspin a few years ago, and the end result of that decision can be found below.

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Overview of Quickspin Slots Games

Big Bad Wolf

We start with this slot machine as it was the winner of the Game of the Year award from the publication E-Gaming Review in 2015. The theme of this slot machine is the ever-popular fairy tale, and before that turns many of you away from the game, you should know that the gameplay is very crisp, and there are some excellent bonus rounds to be had. The Pigs Turn Wild feature is great, as it adds extra wild symbols to the mix, which can extend your spins for quite some time. It is easy to see why this game is so popular amongst players.

Leprechaun Hills

OK, we know that there are literally hundreds of Irish-themed slot machines out there, but we really love the one that Quickspin built and released recently. First, it shows that the company has no signs of quitting the development side of the business even after being acquired. Second, this 5-reel, 40 pay line slot machine has some excellent graphics, and that goes a long way in making a game easy to play for long stretches of time. Give it a shot and see if you have the luck of the Irish!

Wins of Fortune

At first we thought this might be a play on the very popular Wheel of Fortune branded slot machine, but in fact, this is a game centered around Asian fighting. Now, what makes this game really interesting to play is the non-uniform set of reels, which range from 3 to 5 in height. Due to the shape and expansion of symbols, there are up to 259 pay lines available in this slot machine – more than anyone could possibly track on their owns! This means you have more active pay lines, and the company banks on this by building in its very popular Re-Spin feature into this title. With the number of wild symbols, you could find your fortune growing in a re-spin fantasy!

Mobile Compatibility

We mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating – this company was founded on the principle that slot machines should not only be enjoyable to play but should also be very mobile-friendly. Any of the games that we have tested on our mobile devices show a quality of graphics and speed that matches the games played on a PC. We think that you will enjoy playing these games on your phone so you should seek them out whenever you get a chance.

A Brief History of QuickSpin

Quickspin was the brainchild of several folks from the online gaming industry that came from high posts at other firms. Two of the three company founders, Daniel Lindberg and Mats Westerlund, came from another software supplier, Net Entertainment, while the third founder Joachim Timmermans came from Unibet, one of the highest-profile gaming companies in Europe.

The company started with the idea that there was a hole in the slots industry, especially when it came to mobile-friendly games. The expertise they had acquired in their former roles would help build a successful slots business that could be a complement to the full-service software suppliers. Quickspin launched in 2012 and gained early fame by winning a couple of awards in the “ones to watch” category.

Two industry factors helped Quickspin into some early wins in its fledgling life. First, more and more operators were looking to bring on content from multiple providers, and for the first time, these vendors agreed to abandon any exclusivity clauses. This meant that Quickspin slots could easily be added to an existing brand. Also, the fact that mobile gaming was expanding at a significant rate, especially in the European market, meant that there was a heightened demand for high-quality games that were mobile friendly. All of this helped the developer get their games into a high number of operators in a relatively short period of time.

By 2015, the Quickspin games could be found in some of the largest European online gaming sites like Coral, Bet365, and PokerStars. The company continued its slots development to branch into the social gaming side of the business, launching several Facebook casinos during that time. This all caught the attention of Playtech, the industry giant that is well known for its acquisition strategy. After some lengthy discussions, Quickspin decided the time was right to get out of the independent development game and agreed to sell the company to Playtech in 2016 for up to 50 Million Euro. All in all, that was an excellent payout for a company that had barely been in business for four years!