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It is not new to have a casino software company come from a split from another provider in the industry, but it is rare to see the founder of an industry giant leave a firm and then start a competing one. This is the case with Ainsworth Gaming, whose founder has serious ties to the land-based gaming space that goes back decades. Ainsworth is a land-based casino games provider that has recently found its way into the online gaming space, taking its content and making it available for players on their PCs and mobile devices. We are going to have a look at the history of this well-known company and a few of its more popular slots titles.

A Brief History of Ainsworth Gaming

While the company does offer online games, when Len Ainsworth started this company, it was to compete in the land-based casino world. IF the name of the founder is familiar, it may be because he was also the founder of Aristocrat, one of the world’s largest gaming companies. He is a pioneer in the industry, having had a hand in the development of many of the game features that you see in slot machines today. Since he left Aristocrat, he went on to found Ainsworth Gaming and has created a whole new set of popular slots titles.

The foray into the online world happened in the last decade, and as many of Ainsworth’s competitors, the plan was to convert many of the popular land-based titles to online play. This would extend the life of a game while also helping with the continuation of brand awareness from the live casino to an online operator. While the company doesn’t have as many slots titles as companies like Playtech or Microgaming, it does have a series of games that many players will know from being on a casino floor.

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Top Three Ainsworth Slots Games

Hotter Than Hot

Here is an excellent example of how a company like Ainsworth has taken a theme that has been used tons of times in the slots industry and has given it a new twist with some new features. The game has an all too familiar Egyptian theme, but Ainsworth has added an extra reel to this game, expanding it to 6 reels. The extra reel is a bonus reel – smaller than the others but providing big prizes in the way of the four in-game jackpots that you can see at the top of the screen. While the graphics for this game are a bit dated, we still like any game with an Ancient Egypt theme, and the added jackpots only serve to make each spin more exciting.

Mustang Money

You know a game has been popular when sequels with the same theme and name are released. Such is the case with Mustang Money, which has seen a second game added to the Ainsworth stable. This 5 reel, 100 pay line machine has a red sunset backdrop, and the symbols are western themed with a roaring fire, cactus and of course the wild horse as the most noticeable symbols. The Mustang that looks to be on fire is the wild symbol and is displayed on all three symbols of a reel when uncovered. You are also looking to get some Free Spins from revealing 3 or more scatter bonus symbols, and with a max payout of 1,000,000 on one spin, there is a lot at stake every time you press the button.

Diamond Chief

This game has a bit of a confusing theme when compared to its name – it features exotic animals and a safari-type African theme rather than being focused on the Chief itself. Once you get past that, it is easy to see why this 5 reel, 100 pay line slot is one of the favorites from Ainsworth. The game board has a unique shape, and you are definitely on the hunt for diamonds, which is where you could get a payday of up to 500,000 coins on one spin. The colors and graphics in this game are top-notch and provide a relaxing atmosphere for you when you are playing.

Mobile Compatibility

As one of the leading technology companies in the gambling world, Ainsworth has made a point of ensuring its games are compatible with the majority of mobile devices. While there aren’t any games in app form that we have found, the browser-based versions of its slots titles show the quality of the development coming out of this company. If you try the games from your phone, you likely won’t notice a difference between the gameplay on your mobile and that of playing form your PC.


It is great to have Ainsworth’s games available in the online casino world. With over a half-century of experience in the casino industry, it is not shocking that the games that we reviewed had something for everyone. While it is true that some of the graphics on certain “classic” games aren’t as crisp as some other slots out there, the continuation of brand recognition from the land-based world to online casinos is far more important to the company at this stage.