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Sometimes we come across a company that has been in the online gaming business almost since its infancy that we have never heard of. While that may sound crazy, especially give what we do for a living, you have to remember that for a long time there was a subset of companies that were very regional. Eyecon is one of those firms, and although they have worked hard to globalize their brand and products, we are going to guess that you likely haven’t heard of them either. Let’s try to bring you up to speed n this company and their more popular games.

A Brief History of EyeCon

If you can imagine this, Eyecon is into their THIRD decade of operation, having launched all the way back in 1997. In those days, there were very few online casinos in existence, and the majority of them were built in downloadable client form. Eyecon is based in Brisbane, Australia, but has since expanded to have an office in Guernsey as well. Even though you may not have heard much from this developer, it does have the distinction of having received a gaming license from the prestigious UK Gambling Commission. This is great news for us as it shows the company’s desire to have its games be legitimized by the testing and due diligence that comes with applying for this license.

Slots games are the bread and butter of Eyecon, and according to the site the company has over 100titles. International expansion became a main focus of the company, and to accommodate new markets, the firm has translated many of the games into multiple languages. This is an interesting move, as many companies simply rely on the fact that the rules to games are the same around the world, so changing the actual text isn’t really that important.

As the company does not offer a full suite of casino games, it can only really be used as a complementary content provider for other online operators. There is still a lot of profit to be made, though, and combined with the slots are some scratch cards meant to be used as side games for both bingo and casino sites.

Recommended EyeCon Casino Sites

Top Three Eyecon Slots Games

Riding Hood Riches

A slot machine loosely based on the fairy tale, this is a game that features bright colors and excellent graphics. It is a 5 reel game that offers 25 paylines all with a background of the path to Grandmother’s house. While the graphics and the symbols are cartoonish in nature, we like the way the symbols come to life, and the overall gameplay is very nice, which is no doubt why this is one of the more popular Eyecon slots titles.

Shaman Spirit

There is no shortage of slot machines with a Native American theme, but that is clearly because players really like to play them! Shaman’s Spirit is a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot whose graphics take you to a time when Native Americans ruled this part of the world. In this game, you are looking for Scatter and wild symbols, both of which help you win more coins. The sound effects of this game are excellent, and the graphics feature some 3D elements which make the symbols pop off the game board when you win a spin. We think this may be the best of the entire slots catalog from Eyecon.

Beat the Bobbies

If you are looking for a slot machine that features some typically British symbols and themes, then this is the game for you! Beat the Bobbies brings to life the British police, and the symbols on this 5×3 game board include things like the Bobby’s hat, an English Bulldog, and some typically British-looking characters. This is also a 243 pay line game, which means you can get a lot of coins in action at once, but you can also turn that into a crazy number of wins per spin!

Mobile Compatibility

The road to mobile compatibility was a long one for Eyecon. Seeing that the company started developing casino games before there were non-download versions to be played, the games had to be converted once when that change happened, and again when Java became an obsolete language. Today, the company builds its games in HTML5, but there are some games that remain in Flash. Either way, the games that the company offers are now compatible with the majority of mobile devices. While we haven’t seen Eyecon’s games in app form yet, we have tried them in a mobile browser and found that they worked very well in that format.


There is something interestingly modern about Eyecon, even though the company has now been around for over 20 years. Perhaps it is the quality of the graphics in the slots games, or the fact that the company is translating games into other languages (something its competition does not do a lot of), but whatever it is, we approve. The company is a long-time overnight success, and we expect that many partnership announcements will be coming soon from this rising star.