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Over the last few years, there has been a dramatic shift in the way an online casino operator sources content. Gone are the days of having a single supplier for all the games in a casino lobby. Just like in the land-based casino, online content is now pulled from multiple providers, which is making the overall experience much better for the player. This has also opened up the market to software developers who have a niche product, as many of these products are now aggregated into one casino offering. Saucify is one of these firms that has come along over the last few years, and while the company does offer Table Games and video poker, it has found its success with its slots catalog. Let’s take a look at a few of its more popular games.

A Brief History of Saucify

Saucify is actually a rebrand of a company that was once called BetonSoft. With a competitor whose name is almost exactly the same in Betsoft, and the relatively new term of “ify-ing” basically everything in the tech world, the time was right for the company to make the name change. This change took place in 2014, and there isn’t much information on the history of the company before that, as it is privately owned. We do know that the company seems to have been in business since as far back as 2010.

Saucify offers a whole host of solutions for its clients. Not only does the company license its caisno software, but it also offers a full white-label operating service, where a customer can simply focus on branding and marketing while Saucify takes on the day-to-day operations of the casino. We aren’t sure how many clients are taking advantage of this full-service offering, as most of the places we see Saucify games they are in a mix of other content from different providers. One group that seems to have Saucify as a full partner is the Genesys technology Group out of Curacao that operates more than 10 different casino brands.

Saucify seems to have its current focus on the grey market of the United States. In this market, there is a limited number of software vendors, so there is a greater chance that Saucify will win clients. This also means that the clientele of this company brings an increased risk of shutdown, which of course would have an adverse effect on the overall business.

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Top Three Saucify Slot Games

Buckin’ Broncos

It seems that cowboys have always made for a great slots theme, and in the case of Buckin Broncos, the game takes us right inside the world of rodeo. Complete with sound effects featuring a roaring crowd and a PA announcer talking about the rodeo participants, this already feels different than a regular fruit machine. Symbols are representative of the theme, and with some animated Scatter symbols and Wilds and Free Spins all over the place, it almost seems like you are destined to get something back every spin of this 5 reel, 40 pay line machine.

Legends of Greece

Another popular theme in the slots world is the Ancient Greek theme. Saucify capitalizes on this theme with this 5 reel, 20 pay line game. All the graphics in this game are spot on, with references to all the items you remember from Greek mythology. The game itself isn’t as exciting as some of the other titles from Saucify, but sometimes it is good to play a slot machine that is more focused on the spinning of the reels than all the bonus games that are added distractions. IN general, we don’t think there is anything wrong with this game, and we consider it an excellent addition to the Greek slots category.

Le Chocolatier

From ancient Greece to modern France we go for this scrumptious 5 reel slot which will have you drool and searching your cupobaords for something sweet. This machine features a whopping 50 pay lines, which means you can get hundreds of coins going in each spin! We love the design of this slot which resembles a counter in a chocolate shop, where you can peek in at all the delights. There are special chocolates that you are searching for that reward you with bigger prizes, and this slot features a bonus game that can multiply your winnings as well!

Mobile Compatibility

When Saucify first launched as Bet on Soft, the games they built were download-only. However, as the industry started shifting to browser-based games, the company quickly changed their development style, and today all the Saucify games are compatible with the majority of mobile phones on the market. To date, there is no native app for Saucify games that we have found.


Saucify is an excellent example of how a good development shop can find themselves a place in a very crowded industry. Even though it has chosen a risky path in accepting clients that are U.S.-facing, we believe that this company has a strong future and we are very interested to see what path Saucify takes in the face of impending regulation in the grey market countries.