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The argument around software companies staying in the country is the same as that for casino operators. In fact, the two go hand in hand. Operators are less likely to be concerned about taking bets from a gray market unless the company is publicly traded. However, there are public entities in the online casino space like 888 that are taking players from Jordan, which should be an excellent benchmark for other sites.

If you are a player and live in Jordan, you may have certain sites blocked from access by your ISP, but the bottom line is that there are still hundreds of options at your disposal. Ultimately, it comes down to you finding a casino that offers you the games you want to play. After that, you want to find a site that offers customer service 24 hours a day in case you have an issue playing the games. Our team of casino experts reviews all casinos we can find, and we are able to filter them by which are available from Jordan. The list we have provided below features sites that are available to access from that country, but also have some of the best content we could find. Also, these sites offer multiple payment options for Jordanians, which is likely going to be the toughest part of finding a casino to play with. Overall, we are happy to recommend any of these brands to our readers.

Gambling Regulations in Jordan

The kingdom of Jordan is known for many things, but gambling is not one of them. The country has long had a ban on gambling of all forms, but have relented a little in past years, and with that in mind, it is hard to say where the country stands on online gambling. On the one hand, the country may just lump it into its views on land-based gambling. However, the policy changes made by the government in other areas may show a sign of wanting to reap some benefit from the offshore sites that are currently taking online wagers from the country. Let’s have a look at how gambling laws affect Jordanians and what options are available from an online casino perspective.

Jordan is an Islamic state, and as a result, many of their laws come directly from the Quran. Gambling is clearly defined as a sin, and therefore all forms of gambling have been outlawed in the country for centuries. However, governments are always looking for ways to generate revenue that can be poured back into the society. IN Jordan, they made an exception for the lottery and bingo games, considering them “welfare” games that generated money to be donated to charities. As a result, residents of the country can find some enjoyment in these games. This isn’t enough, however, to satisfy the gambling itch of many Jordanians, who found themselves heading to illegal underground establishments to get their gambling fix.

The government has attempted to loosen the reins even more by considering adding resort casinos to their landscape. In 2003, there was talk of offering gaming licenses for these types of establishments, and this went as far as multiple bids being received from resort owners around the world. Ultimately, however, the plan has to date not come to fruition, and there are no live casinos to be found in Jordan at this time.

The online gaming industry is in even murkier waters in Jordan. Technically, online gambling is illegal in the country, although no players have been prosecuted to date and aren’t likely to be in the future. As with many Muslim countries, the government can control what its citizens can see on the internet, but the filters applied in Jordan aren’t nearly as strict as some other countries. So for now, players have access to many online casinos sites, but it is hard to say if the country will abandon its current set of laws like they are trying to do in the land-based casino industry.

Online Casino Software Available to Jordanians

With an industry that is clearly unauthorized but with no actual laws on the books that specifically name online gambling, the industry is in a gray area for software suppliers. With this in mind, it is left up to the individual companies as to whether or not they will accept players from this country. For the most part, software companies have decided to continue taking Jordanian players, and until the laws are either changed and enforced or taken off the books, we don’t see any change coming soon. Players looking for online slot machines with the best graphics don’t have to look very far – these companies all have top-quality games and are available to residents of Jordan:

Whether you are looking for big jackpots, great cross-branded content or just the standard games, these software companies are bound to have a game or two that you will enjoy