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Finding the best site to gamble with for anyone comes down to what is important to you as a player. For many of you, it can be simply a place that offers the game selection and products you want to use (sports betting, casino, poker, etc.) For others, it is the ability to get money to and from a site quickly and with little or no fees attached. No matter what is most important to you, our team has it covered in our comprehensive site reviews. Taking into consideration sites that are open to players from Vietnam, the list you will find below features a few of our favorite options for our readers.

Some of these sites only offer casino games, while others have a full suite of gambling products available. Whatever site you choose, we would love to hear from you regarding your overall experience with a site. There is no better review than one that comes from players so your feedback will be incorporated into our future updates to give our entire database the best possible set of information.

Gambling Regulations in Vietnam

Despite a large population that seems very keen to gamble, Vietnam is a country that has a very mixed position of the legality of betting for its citizens to digest. While the country has definitely moved towards being more progressive about the industry, it is still a long way from being recognized as a place that locals can feel comfortable gambling. Let’s take a look at the history of gambling in the country, along with our recommendations of where Vietnamese players can find the best online slots and table games.

Since the country became its own nation, it has taken a hard line on gambling. For decades, the government was against any form of gambling, making it illegal in all of Vietnam. This didn’t stop layers from wanting to gamble, however, and all this ban was successful in doing was creating a large network of illegal gambling rings across the country.

As the years progressed, the government’s position started to soften on gambling. A government-sponsored lottery was introduced as a way to raise funds for much-needed social programs in the country. This was a good starting point for Vietnam, but it didn’t do much to control what was happening underground. While illegal gambling operations were constantly being shut down and owners prosecuted, a new option would spring up almost as quickly.

With a need to generate more revenue for the country, the discussion began about the potential of issues land-based casino licenses in the early 2000s. This ended up coming to fruition. However, these casinos came with a big catch: locals were not allowed to enter them aside from working there. This is a popular custom in the Asian market – casinos are designed for foreign tourists, even if the countries are simply forcing their citizens to visit a neighboring country to gamble. With Macau and Cambodia among the options for Vietnamese gamblers, there were plenty of accessible casinos…but the internet brought with it the chance for players to play without having to leave their homes.

The Vietnamese government chose not to embrace the online casino industry, instead making both the operation and playing of these games to be considered illegal. There have yet to be any operators or players charged under this new regime, but the government has worked with ISPs to block sites that offer real-money gambling. Admittedly, they are not doing a very good job of it, and as a result, there are hundreds of sites still willing and able to take deposits from players living in Vietnam.

Online Casino Software Available to Vietnamese Players

With a set of laws that make online gambling illegal, it wouldn’t be surprising to find very few options when it comes to casino game software available in the market. As it turns out, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact remains that until the government truly takes steps to eliminate these sites and prosecute successfully those behind them, the threat level for software companies is quite low.

Here is just a sample of the top-level online casino suppliers that we found open to players from Vietnam:

Between these software suppliers, there are thousands of different online slots titles available to play, along with the best in video poker and table games. Live dealer games are also available, and all of these products are available either for PCs or on mobile devices.