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As with the software suppliers, casino operators also have to weigh the risk of accepting Thai players into their real-money sites. The majority of sites have elected to stay in the market, which means until the Thai government steps in to clamp down on the industry, players in that country should have no issue selecting a casino to play.

One area that Thai players should be aware of is the payment processing for online gambling sites. There aren’t going to be many sites that deal in Thai currency so the transactions will take place in another currency after being converted. Most casinos will also have players gamble in USD, EUR, or some other currency, which means that players need to be aware of the exchange rates, so they don’t bet outside of their means.

Our team of casino experts wants to help all our Thai readers find the best gambling sites for their needs. If you are looking for a place to play that is safe and features excellent software, then you should start with the list we have provided below. All of these casinos are considered to be excellent choices for our Thai readers, and if you choose to play at one of these sites, we would love your feedback on your experience. All the information we receive goes into improving our reviews, so our playing community is presented with the most up to date information when they start their journey into the real money online gambling world.

Gambling Regulations in Thailand

Thai culture has included sports and gambling for as far back as has been recorded. However, even though the citizens have loved to gamble for a long time, the country’s laws don’t make it particularly easy for them to access the games and bets they want. The advent of online gambling helped players access a whole host of games, but this involved having to send money to offshore sites, which caused a whole new set of issues.

This page will take a look at both the land-based and online sides of gambling regulations in Thailand, as well as a short review of what Thai players should be looking for when trying to find a suitable online casino.

There is a clear-cut stance on gambling from the Thai government. It is illegal. Now, that doesn’t stop lovers of casino games and sports betting from finding their way into illegal forms of wagering in the country, but these are definitely not the safest places to be. Players can travel to neighboring countries that have a more lax view on casinos, but for now, there are no legal casinos in the country at all. A military coup in 2014 has brought in a regime set on cleaning up the country’s illegal behavior, and this includes a major crackdown on illegal casinos and betting shops.

There are the smallest of loopholes when it comes to gambling in Thailand, as there is the ability to bet on local horse races or buy lottery tickets. Horse racing seems to be something that universally gets a pass in countries that take a hard stance on gambling, and the lottery raises money for social charities in the country.

While there are no actual laws about online gambling, the country’s stance remains the same. There is no process in place for offshore companies to receive gaming licenses (there are none to receive) and while the government has cracked down on people setting up online gambling sites within its borders, they have no way to shut down a site operating from offshore. The good news for players is that the country hasn’t gone as far as some Middle Eastern countries and had a blacklist of sites presented to ISPs for blocking, so for the time being there are loads of options for Thai gamblers in the offshore space.

Online Casino Software Available to Thai Players

Similarly to their stance in other countries with no online gambling laws on the books, most software companies still let their licensees attract real money, Thai players. With a very active gambling population, it can be very profitable to accept these players, so companies like these are only too happy to take the casino action these days:

All of these companies provide high-quality slot machines and Table Games, featuring excellent graphics and the best in cross-branded entertainment content.