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When we review an online casino for this site, one of the first things we research is which countries are on the restricted list. This can be a challenge when it comes to casinos accepting Lebanese players. Many sites do not have the country on their restricted lists, but that doesn’t mean that the ISPs in Lebanon aren’t already blocking access to the site.

So, what we have done is to provide you with a shortlist below of casinos that from an operator standpoint are accepting real money deposits from Lebanese players. These casinos have displayed an excellent combination of promotions and bonuses along with the quality of games we expect from top sites. Each of these sites has payment options that should work for the Lebanese market and customer service that is highly-rated in case you need assistance. What we can’t be certain of is if these sites are or will be accessible in the future. If you have information on these sites from inside Lebanon, please let us know so we can update our reviews. If you want to read more reviews of sites open to the Lebanese market, then head over to our review section where you will find many more options.

Gambling Regulations in Lebanon

Lebanon is an interesting country for many reasons. We think that the country is often misunderstood given where it sits geographically. Many people lump it into the other Middle Eastern countries when it comes to ideals and laws, but the fact is that this country is more modern in its thinking than it is given credit for. This isn’t to say that the country is hedonistic – there are still a lot of archaic laws on the books that restrict what its citizens are able to do, and this includes online gambling. However, the fact that the country is open to some Western ideology is a good sign for the future. This page is focused on the country’s view on gambling and will help to give you all the information you need when searching out a place to play your favorite online slots and table games.

The viewpoint on gambling in Lebanon is all over the map. Unlike the Islamic-dominated countries around it, Lebanon does not have an all-out ban on gambling. However, its casino industry is, in fact, a monopoly, with only one full casino property in the country. This is the Casino du Liban, which continues to be the only place that players can play casino games legally in the country.

There have been many calls from organizations to break up the monopoly and allow other casino groups to gain licenses, but these have fallen on deaf ears. It certainly doesn’t look like there will be any competitors to Casino du Liban anytime soon. In fact, the government has gone the other way when it comes to regulation. In 2013, the country enacted a ban on all online gambling sites, imposing a blacklist on its citizens. Now, while almost all sites at that time were blocked from being accessed within the country’s borders, there have been hundreds of new sites that have launched since 2013, and controlling the population has proven to be difficult for the government.

There does not appear to be any indication that the government plans to prosecute those who continue to find their way through the filters and offer games to Lebanese players, nor for the players who continue to be real money online. Actually, while the monopoly is still being challenged by all forms of business, the Casino du Liban has decided it is time to get into the online market themselves. The company has issued a tender for bids to be the technology partner for the casino’s online venture. This happened in late 2017, and as the bids come in and the process moves forward, we will update this page to keep you all informed on the latest news.

Online Casino Software Available to Lebanese Players

With little to no repercussion for software companies who allow their licensees to accept players from Lebanon, there have not been many companies that have pulled out of the market. This is excellent news for online casino players in that country – while there are still ISP filters to navigate, if you find a casino to play with, you will likely find one of these top suppliers on board:

There are loads of other excellent companies offering their games, but if you see any of these logos, you can be assured of some of the best content in the online casino industry.