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With so many options for places to play from Japan, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to make a choice of where to make your deposit. IN our opinion, you want to find a site that offers the best combination of software content, promotions and payment options – all of these factors play a major part in the overall enjoyment for players. At our site, we review every casino we can find, and taking those factors above into consideration along with many other details, we have come up with this list or Recommended Casinos for Japanese players. We are sure that you will enjoy what these sites have to offer and they all have payment options that will allow you to get your money to and from the site with relative ease.

Gambling Regulations in Japan

Gaming is a big part of Asian culture. However, for the most part, the desire of the Japanese citizens to place bets like their Western counterparts is not matched by the laws and regulations within the county’s borders. As with many countries, it takes an event that will draw visitors from all over the world that tends to loosen up laws on vices. This appears to be happening in Japan, and as a result, we are seeing some movement when it comes to gambling as a whole in that country.

This may confuse you, but up until recently, essentially all forms of gambling were illegal in Japan. A law known as Chapter 23 in 1907 outlawed all forms of gambling except anything sanctioned by the government. Over the years, some forms of betting have been added to the exempt list, so before 2016 the lottery along with many race-oriented sports (horse, boat, foot) was allowed.

What makes this confusing for many people is the fact that you all have either heard of or seen a pachinko machine. These games, with bright lights and sounds and a ball landing in specific slots that offer the chance to win prizes, are a source of real money gambling across the country. Pachinko machines are actually illegal to play for real money in Japam. However, it would appear that the control over that law is pretty loose, as there are over 10,000 of these machines in the country, and it is common knowledge that while you play to win “tokens,” these token can be redeemed for cash at offsite locations. TO date, the government hasn’t cracked down on this obvious violation of the law.

This may also explain why online gambling continues to be illegal by definition but is very much in the grey area just as it is in many other countries. AS we will get into shortly, online sites have the choice as to whether or not they will accept real money players from Japan, but there aren’t many at all that have made that decision. The market is simply too lucrative to walk away from for offshore sites.

When Japan was awarded the 2020 Olympic Games, it meant that tens of thousands of tourists from the Western World would soon be descending on the country looking for things to do aside from viewing the sports. As a result, the government introduced legislation in 2016 that would make most forms of casino gambling legal in a casino associated with a resort hotel or convention facility. However, it took so long to get this legislation passed (almost 2 years) that it is going to be very difficult to get these facilities built in time for the Olympics. It is difficult to say if the country will reverse this legislation after the Olympics, but we are hopeful that legal gambling is here to stay in Japan

Online Casino Software Available to Japanese players

While sports betting is one of the country’s most popular forms of online gambling, we are going to focus on casino games for this page. Online slots are Table Games are very popular with the Japanese people. Playing online gives residents a way to circumvent the laws and enjoy their favorite real money caisno games from the comfort of their own homes. With the market being in a very gray area, most software companies have chosen to stay active in the region, and we expect this to stay the same way until someone is successfully prosecuted for violating the law.

If you are living in Japan and want to jump in on some incredible online slots content, you are likely going to find games from the following suppliers readily available to play:

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