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As we mentioned, sites that offer their games to players from Iraq isn’t an issue – there are literally hundreds to choose from. However, players will have to jump through several hoops just to access the games, which in itself is a risk. First, you will have to find a site that isn’t blocked by an ISP and hope that it doesn’t end up on the blacklist. Using an IP proxy software is a way to get around the firewalls, but those themselves come with their own set of issues.

When you do find a site that you can access and create an account, the next hurdle will be making a deposit. The issue will be finding a way to use an Iraqi bank account to make a deposit without it being denied. The best ways to move money around will be through direct transfer, but we always recommend in countries with these issues that players keep a small balance on any online casino site. We don’t want you to be cut off from your money if the site is no longer accessible.

Ok, now that you have made it through those roadblocks, you need to find the best sit possible to play! We review hundreds of casino sites for our readers, including an in-depth look into which sites offer players the best deals and the best content. We have compiled a list below which highlights some of our favorite sites that accept players from Iraq. We hope that you find this list useful and if you want to check out any other online gambling sites, then we recommend you head to our review section for more reviews!

Gambling Regulations in Iraq

Iraq is a country that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the last 25 years, and yet beyond all the wars and strife, there are actually residents who continue to try to live their lives. One part of that life is gambling, and while many will claim that simply living in that country is enough gambling in itself, some of the citizens love to play casino games and bet on sports. The question is, however, how easy it is for them to access these games from a war-torn region known for its strict beliefs and laws. We are going to try to clear up some of the information around gambling in Iraq, specifically focusing on the online sites offering games.

Iraq is a Muslim nation, and therefore it has a set of laws that are very strict and follow the Quran very closely. Gambling is one sin that is simply not tolerated in Islamic law, so as you can imagine, gambling of all forms is considered to be illegal in Iraq. Now, that doesn’t stop players who want to bet from finding illegal underground forms of gambling, and with the government and army focused on the ongoing war in the region, there isn’t much policing of these games. However, these illegal games can be very dangerous, and of course, we don’t recommend any of our readers search them out.

Online casinos fall under the gambling prohibition, but to be fair, there are no sites that have been prosecuted for offering games and no players punished to date for playing on these sites. However, the country’s turmoil has made it difficult for players to find sites willing to take their action. Also, we have to factor in that the government has control over what its citizens can see on the internet, and it has had ISPs block as many gambling sites as it can find. This doesn’t mean that there are no sites to play, but the odds are stacked against Iraqis who want to play online slots or table games from their homes.

Online Casino Software Available to Iraqi Players

While the Iraqi government has made it increasingly difficult for players to access online gambling sites, that doesn’t mean that the software providers have simply pulled out of the market. Actually, it is quite the opposite, with companies not worried about any repercussions of offering their slots and table games to players in the region despite the ban on gambling.

It is going to be a struggle for players from Iraq to get onto a casino and play for real money, but for those that manage to do so, they will find software from some of the top suppliers in the industry including:

All of these companies offer a full suite of casino games so our readers will be able to find both the table games and the slots titles that make them the happiest.