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With the lack of concern from the current Chinese government, many large-scale operations have built Chinese-facing websites to cater to that market. This is one of the first things we look for when we are reviewing an online gambling site, as having a site translated into the local language shows a dedication to taking care of players by the operator. Of course, a nice website is fine but if the game selection is poor, then there is no reason for players to create accounts and make deposits.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of some of our most highly recommended casino sites from Chinese players. This list is a combination of the ratings from our reviewers and feedback we have received from players about the sites that they have most enjoyed playing with over the years. Some of these sites offer a full gaming experience including sports, casino, and poker while others are more specialized. Whatever you choose to do online, we are certain that you will enjoy playing with any of these recommended sites.

Gambling Regulations in China

A country that holds the largest population of any in the world, China has a long history with many things, including gambling. The Chines market is one that many companies would like to penetrate from an economic standpoint, but from a gambling perspective, the confusion about what is and is not legal can make it confusing to know if an online gambling company can actually do business with residents of the country. We’ll try to clear up some of the ambiguity on this page, and let you know what you can expect if you are a gambler in China looking to play some online slots or table games.

China remains one of the last-standing wholly Communist countries in the world, and with that come s a series of restrictions placed on its citizens to confirm with the communist way of life. Casino gambling is one area that is taboo, and on mainland China, all types of casino games are considered illegal. Now, here is where some confusion sets in. Land-based casino games are only legal in autonomous Chines provinces like Macau. This means that Chinese players can just fly to Macau and gamble to their heart’s content. However, to control this, the government has set limits on the amount of money a Chinese player can travel with when going to Macau. This is an attempt to limit problem gambling, but we aren’t sure if it is the most effective concept.

TO cloud things further, other forms of gambling are available in mainland China. Games like the lottery, sports lottery, and other games are legal, along with several arcade-style games that take and pay out tokens that can then be redeemed for cash. In general, for a country that we assumed would take a hard stance on gambling as a whole, there are lots of ways for Chinese citizens to get their gambling fix.

When it comes to online gambling, it would appear that the government isn’t too bothered by its residents having access to slots and table games. Why the position is different is not entirely clear, but while there are no licenses for online gambling sites in the country, there are also no measures in place to make it illegal. In fact, Chinese players can often use their debit cards to make deposits at offshore sites, something that many Western countries don’t currently allow.

There are some measures in place to block access to Western Internet sites (Facebook as an example), but online gambling sites have figured out ways to circumvent this system and have not faced much resistance from the government in doing so. This is excellent news for fans of online slots, and other forms of gambling who live in mainland China, as traveling to Macau is not necessary for the time being.

Online Casino Software Available to Chinese players

With no real idea when the Chinese government will do something about offshore-based online casinos and their software partners, it has been left up to each individual vendor to decide if they want to offer their games to the market. For some, the uncertainty is too much risk to take, while the allure of such a huge market gives some companies the confidence needed to take active players from China. Players shouldn’t worry too much – there are lots of great content providers still accessible from the country, like these ones:

Of course, this list could change at any time so you may want to check in every so often to see if there has been an update.